#FreshHacks – How To Schedule Social Media Posts For Free Using Hootsuite


“When I share social media posts I’m not using the Instagram or Facebook platform, I’m using Hootsuite. Why? Hootsuite connects all your social networks into one app and let me tell you, it’s an absolute lifesaver if you are advertising your business on social media.

Let me set my current scene: It’s Sunday. I’m sitting at home, it’s 6pm, I have my iPhone and Im scrolling through my photo album and thinking which of my designs to upload this week 🤔. By 6:30 I’ve scheduled all my social media posts for the week for Facebook, Instagram and even my odd Twitter post.

Not only does Hootsuite integrate your social media accounts together it also lets you schedule them throughout the week. It even tells you the optimal time to post for the most active users.

As fun as social media can be it can also be a gruelling task keeping your followers updated. My final advice – Set yourself an hour aside at the weekend, open Hootsuite make 4 or 5 posts and schedule for the weekdays using Hootsuite’s optimal times.

As an extra bonus, you will also find that your post quality and engagements improve as there is no more rushed, half-arsed posts flying out to your followers at random times of the day!”

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