#FreshHacks – What Is SEO In A Nutshell? Check How Google Ranks Your Website With Our Free SEO Audit

SEO in a nutshell

“I wont butter it up. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a royal pain in the arse to explain. I’ve seen other agencies provide countless ads and infographics trying to explain this to their clients. Correct me if i’m wrong but in my opinion, you guys don’t need to know the geeky algorithms behind the scenes. As digital agencies that’s our job. You – The Client, want to know A) how it will bring you more traffic to your website B) how it equals to more customers and C) how you will see overall results.

Here’s the nutshell 🥜; SEO is the practice of optimising websites to appear on search engines. When we say ‘search engines’ lets be honest, we mean Google. I doubt “We’ll get you ranking higher on Bing” would be as much of an attractive proposition. SEO is split into two parts: ‘on-page’ and ‘off-page’. ‘On-page’ focuses on the website content itself where as ‘off-page’ focuses on the behind the scenes element.

You may of seen ads popping up on your socials claiming “we can get you to the top of Google using SEO”. This is false. NOBODY can guarantee you an organic 1st place position on Google. If you ever see this, avoid them like the plague. SEO experts like ourselves take all the necessary steps to get your website in the position where Google will love your website but will never falsely guarantee you top position.

SEO experts take your search terms also known as “keywords” and optimise your site accordingly. For example – if you were a wedding cheesecake maker based in Chester, unsurprisingly your keywords or Google search term would be “wedding cheesecake maker chester”.

The result of SEO is simple. Higher Google rankings = more visits to your website = more customers. We can provide you with a free SEO audit to see how your current website is performing. Click here to get yours. Once we have generated your report we will be in touch to show how we can help with no obligation”.

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